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Figures Toy Company has created more Super Friends for you to have fun with, and they're being joined by two of their most famous foes!  Available to preorder now is Super Friends Series 3, which features the first two characters from the diabolical Legion of Doom!

Series 3 features four new figures created in the style of the Super Friends cartoon.  New versions of legendary heroes Batman and The Flash will arrive to fight for justice among previous releases like Superman, Aquaman, and Apache Chief!  In addition to those heroes, there are some bad guys to go along with the good guys. That's right, Figures Toy Company will be releasing the first two rogues in this series of Super Friends!  There's no question that collectors will be excited to add The Riddler to their collection, and Captain Cold looks to put the deep freeze on the Super Friends!  This will be the first Captain Cold of any kind released by Figures Toy Company, while Batman, Flash, and Riddler are all new figures with designs based on their cartoon counterparts!  Danny "The Farrow" Anniello has done an amazing job capturing the animated details of all of these characters in these sculpts!

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Super Friends Retro Action Figures Series 3
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