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Secrets of the Ring with Raven Volume 2 DVD

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Item Number: DVDSHOOT147
This isn't your normal shoot interview. It is an education on the wrestling business and a must for all aspiring wrestlers!!! In the old school days, veterans would teach upcomers these lessons on endless car rides from town to town. Now you can learn these valuable lessons in the comfort of your own living room. Raven is one of the most influential and respected veterans going today. His passion for the wrestling business shines through in Secrets Of The Ring as he makes sure you learn the correct way to conduct yourself. Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Vol. 2 focuses on Raven teaching "starpower." You'll learn the importance of having starpower, how to get it, what the greats do and all the subtle things that you'll never learn by just reading the internet or the sheets. Raven discusses the importance of presence and how to get presence, your ring outfit and how to carry yourself like a star. These are only a few of the invaluable lessons Raven teaches. Raven discusses too many topics to list here!!! Of course any Raven fan will enjoy this as Raven is his usual funny and entertaining self. Raven is an open book in teaching you about the wrestling business right here in the must see second volume of Secrets Of The Ring.
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