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Petey Williams Shoot Interview DVD

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Item Number: DVDSHOOT339 interviewed former TNA X-Division Champion, Petey Williams!  Petey talked for nearly 2 and 1/2 hours about his last 5 years in TNA and very open about the details of his release. appreciates Petey for being so open and honest with the fans!

Topics discussed:

-- How did you get started in the business
-- How did you meet Scott D'Amore?
-- Memories of early career
-- What circumstances led you to TNA?
-- Initial impressions of Jeff Jarrett?
-- Development of the Canadian Destroyer
-- How do you feel about the Canadian Destroyer? Have you ever felt it type cast you as literally a one trick pony? Blessing or a curse?
-- Talk about the formation of Team Canada with Teddy Hart and Jack Evans
-- What caused Team Canada to be revamped with Roode & Young added.
-- How did you feel about the new line-up?
-- Memories of Team Canada run
-- Memories of X Division Title run
-- Talk about your experiences in Japan. Wrestle-Aid, etc.
-- Memories of wrestling in the Tokyo Dome for Global Impact
-- Talk about your run as IWA Mid South Hwt. Champion
-- Memories of CZW and PWG
-- Memories of the 2005 Super 8 tournament
-- You did a one-shot for ROH as Nana's surprise unannounced, memories of that?
-- How much comraderie is there among the Team Canada guys?
-- Any favorite road or rib stories?
-- Were you sad to see Team Canada split up?
-- Did the office ever give any reason why?
-- Were you guys fearful of your jobs once they broke up Team Canada?

-- Talk us through your impressions of TNA at various degrees of development.
    1- The first TV deal on Fox Sports Net
    2- Moving to Spike TV
    3- Video games, figures and trading cards - "national expansion"
    4- TNA wanting to own everybody's name
    5- Sting, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Mick Foley hired
-- Talk about the pros and cons of TNA house shows

KID KASH INTERVIEW APRIL 2005 said "the company is now more in debt because of bringing in former WWE talents; said that the guys who built TNA were getting pushed aside"

-- Kash got out (released) shortly after this, did others feel that at the time?
-- Did those feelings get worse as more and more ex-WWE guys were brought in?
-- What about when ex-WWE guys who had no real drawing record are brought in. Not the Kurt Angles or Booker T's, but seemingly anyone with a cup of coffee in WWE
-- What is your response to Kash's mentality, agree or disagree with him?
-- Kash also said he'd never received any money from merch sales, is that true in your case also?
-- Talk us through what these ex-WWE signings do to morale in the TNA locker room for the guys who have been there all along.
-- Do you personally feel like the X division was abandoned?
-- If so, when did that occur? Who is to blame?
-- What was your reaction, or any reactions you remember backstage, to the so-called attempts to make the X Division more marketable: Black Machismo, Paparazzi Challenge, Maple Leaf Muscle, Curry Man, etc. - good idea or should just let them wrestle?
-- How did you feel about Maple Leaf Muscle and being put with Scott Steiner?
-- What are your thoughts on the Frontline vs. MEM?
-- What circumstances led to your release from TNA?
-- Your idea or theres? Were you surprised?
-- Do you feel like TNA has abandoned the idea of branding their own stars?
-- Walk us through a typical day at TNA, backstage at TV:
    1- Who from the office interacts with the talent?
    2- How hands on is Jeff Jarrett?
    3- How hands on is Dixie Carter?
    4- What, if any, physical presence does Russo have at the shows?
    5- WWE criticized for being scripted, how much freedom does TNA talent have?
    What kind of feedback can talent give to the scripts?
    6- Is there a mentality that the lower end guys should not speak up?
    7- What are some examples of the pecking order of talent?
    8- What is stressed as being the most important things to the talent?
        Ex: match quality; delivering good promos; ratings; showcasing star power; etc
    9- Who gives the talent its direction, what do they tell you they want out of you?
-- Who in the office is most helpful to the X division?
-- Who is the most detremental?
-- What is life for a TNA wrestler like on the indy circuit? It is a good or bad thing to have a TNA agent control your bookings? How good typically is the communication between office and talent?
-- Were any promises ever made to you by TNA management that never happened?
-- Have your impressions over the years changed of Jarrett, Dixie, D'Amore?
-- What in your opinion should TNA focus on in the interest of growth?
-- Do you feel like they have their priorities in order?
-- What, if anything, are they currently doing that they should abandon?
-- What's the best and worst aspects of working in TNA?
-- How would you sum up your experiences there?
-- Do you think most of your contemporaries would sum it up similarly?
-- Tell us about The High Crusade (Petey's punk band with the Machine Guns)
-- What else are you up to these days?
-- What do you want to do with your career?

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