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Monstrous BC (Brodus Clay) Shoot Interview DVD

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There are just some people on the streets that when you see them you say to yourself, that guy must be a pro wrestler, he is freaking huge.  Well G-Rilla, and formerly known as Brodus Clay is one of those guys and in fact he was discovered by Tommy Dreamer during a bar fight where Brodus was the bouncer and threw the guy out of the club like a football!!!  Brodus was offered to come to a WWE tryout where he passed with flying colors and was quickly signed to be apart of the WWE but first he had to quit his job!!  What job was that….he was Snoop Dog’s personal body guard and you will hear all about that job during his first ever shoot interview with RFVIDEO.  In fact you’re going to hear his entire story on how he rises to fame in the WWE and became The Funkasaurus!!

Brodus takes us back to his training days in Deep South working with Jody Hamilton and discusses training under Bill Demott who has a reputation for being a beast when it comes to training the boys.  Was his reputation merit or was Bill Demott not the bully that people paint him as.  Brodus has his own opinions on this matter. What were his memories teaming with New Japan Superstar Luke Gallows.  What advise did he get from Johnny Ace, Tommy Dreamer and Mike Bucci.  Brodus takes us to his days down in Florida with Steve Keirn after Deep South closed down and what it was like to train with the legendary Steve Keirn.  He has fond memories of hanging with Teddy Hart, training with Jack Swagger, Derick Bateman, Harry Smith and TJ Wilson.  It was not long until Brodus was called to be apart of Nxt season 4 and put with Maryse and Ted Dibiase.  You will hear all about that pairing in this interview and what he thought about being transformed to be apart of the Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo clique.  

Brodus got to work with Edge and Christian and was apart of Wrestlemania and talks in great detail what it was like to be on the road during this time period.  Brodus takes us back as we talk about the creation of the Funkasaurus and we discuss how Dusty Rhodes was a huge influence to Brodus as we talk about the advise and help that he gave him to develop that character.  After Mania 28 and the infamous call your momma dance he quickly was in a program with Dolph Ziggler and that it seemed that his push started to loose some steam after he shot the angle with Big Show that went no where.  What happened with that deal and what was going thru the mind of Brodus Clay when it seemed like creative had nothing for him.

Brodus was quickly tossed back on TV and put in a few quick programs with David Otunga and than was paired with Tensai as Tons of Fun. There are more fought times ahead for Brodus because the team did not last very long after they turned Brodus on Tensai and make him go heel.  Brodus will talk all about the hot shot angles and if he thinks it hurt or helped his career. Did you like Tiger Woods getting his theme music?  What was it like to work with Naomi and Cameron?

He went back down to Florida to do a mini program with Adrian Neville AKA Pac and soon after that he was let go by Mark Carrano by a quick phone call.   Looking back Brodus discusses in full detail what it was like to work with WWE creative and how it was frustrating at times when they seemed like they had nothing for him.

Brodus got to share the locker room with all the current and top superstars and has great stories on his time on the road with the WWE.  What did John Cena do for him before his huge Wrestlemania match and how helpful was he? We talk about all the top names in the WWE and he has great stories on all the guys that he was around for the last decade.  Brodus gave us one of those interviews that was really from the heart and he has a great dry sense of humor. If your a fan of the WWE product you’re going to love this one on one interview with one of the WWE’s most electric performers.  You might even want to call your Momma!!

What are your first memories of pro wrestling?

Were you a fan growing up?

If so, what were your favorite memories and favorite stars?

Talk about your athletic background before getting into the business, 
including playing football at the University of Nebraska at Kearney?

You were originally planning to be a school teacher – what made you 
want to pursue that?

How did you end up as Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard?

What’s the difference between Snoop in public and privately?

Were there ever any instances where you had to physically get involved 
to protect him?

What’s the best part of traveling with him?

Compare traveling in the hip hop world to the pro wrestling world?

Who’s wilder on the road? Rappers or pro wrestlers?

You were trained in the WWE developmental system, so talk about your 
tryout to get into the company. How did you first network with them?

What was the initial tryout to get the contract like?

What are your memories of that process?

Talk about the moment you found out you were getting signed – what was 
going through your head?

First thoughts on John Laurinaitis?

Do you get to meet Vince, Stephanie, Hunter during this process at all?

You were first assigned to Deep South Wrestling. What were your first 
memories and impressions of Jody Hamilton and Bill DeMott?

What was the training like in DSW?

Were there regular live shows? It often seemed like DSW wasn’t as busy 
as OVW was or FCW and NXT later became when it came to running live 

There’s been a lot of people who have come out against DeMott for being 
so rough with talents and claiming that he pushed them to the point 
they were hurt. What are your memories of this, Did you think he ever 
pushed guys past the breaking point? Do you think he ever tried that 
with you?

Where did the G-Rilla name and gimmick come from? Explain what it was 
for those who may not have seen it.

Memories of being part of Urban Assault with Afa Jr., Sonny Siaki and 
Eric Perez?

Of that group, you were the only one who made it to the roster and 
really lasted an extended period of time. Were you surprised they 
didn’t make it?

How often were WWE developmental guys being tested by the Wellness 
Policy during that era?

Thoughts on rumors that Afa Jr. was caught cheating on a WWE Wellness 
Policy test?

WWE brought you up to a few house show loops to work with Scotty Too 
Hotty. Were they grooming you for something or were you brought on the 
road to be evaluated?

Talk about that process of trying to find yourself as a performer 
during the Deep South period.

Memories of the angle where Urban Assault kicked you out and the feud 
that followed.

Memories of your tag team with Luke Gallows when he was the Freakin’ 

How often were you getting feedback from Johnny Ace, Tommy Dreamer and 
Mike Bucci?

What were the differences in developmental after Bucci took over?

Were you surprised when WWE let him go?

Talk about your memories of the day Johnny Ace shut down DSW and moved 
everyone to Florida. Were the boys happy?

Why do you think Deep South failed?

Talk about the move to FCW and how that changed morale for the 
developmental talents.

First thoughts on Steve Keirn when meeting him?

Were you there when Jack Wild hurt his knee when a ring collapsed 
during a training session?

He’s tried to sue Keirn and WWE several times. Do you think he has a 
case against the company?

You were in developmental when Teddy Hart was there. Why do you think 
he was cut? Any favorite Teddy stories?

Memories of feuding with The Hart Dynasty in FCW?

Talk about teaming with Jake Hager/Jack Swagger in developmental. How 
has he changed over the years?

WWE released you from a developmental deal in 2008. Why were you cut?

Were you aware that on the Internet, there was a rumor you were Dick 
Murdoch’s illegitimate son during the time period you were in 

You don’t come back to WWE until 2010. Talk about what you were doing 
in between the WWE developmental runs and what you did to get back into 
the company?

How had FCW changed during the time you were gone and had returned? 
Good and bad.

Where did the Brodus Clay name come from? Was it a tribute to Snoop?

What did Snoop think of your WWE success?

Memories of the Colossal Connection in FCW?

Why do you think Derick Bateman never clicked in WWE?

When did you first find out you were going to be part of NXT Seasn 4?

What was it like working with Maryse and Ted DiBiase as your Pros?

What sort of instruction were you given about working NXT?

Why did WWE move you from DiBiase to Alberto Del Rio as your Pro?

Memories of working with Ricardo and Del Rio?

What sort of attention was WWE Creative paying to you at this point – 
and the NXT brand?

Thoughts on Johnny Curtis’ success as Fandango?

Where did the idea for you to become ADR’s bodyguard come from?

Memories of working with Edge and Christian early in your WWE run. 
What was that pressure like?

Memories of working Wrestlemania 27 in Del Rio’s corner?

When Alberto was drafted to Raw and you were left on Smackdown, were 
you worried about your spot?

In your last match working with ADR, you ended up getting staples being 
hit with a ladder by Christian at Extreme Rules. What happened that 
you got hurt?

How did you get cast in WWE’s horror film No One Lives?

Talk about your experiences filming the movie.

Were you concerned that by going to do the film, you were going to lose 
your TV spot?

When did you first learn you were going to be the Funkasaurus when you 
returned to TV?

Why was WWE promoting you as the returning Monster all that time with 
John Laurinaitis pushing back your return? Was it to mask the new 

Your initial thoughts as you began to work with Naomi and Cameron?

Talk about developing that character and feedback you received from 
Vince an the creative team?

Memories of your re-debut on Raw as the character?

Do you think WWE ever got behind it strong enough? Did you think you 
were made with the perfect character to appeal to kids?

At Wrestlemania 28, they gave you a big production number where you 
danced with a bunch of “Mommas.” Memories of that vignette in Miami?

The day after Wrestlemania, you began a feud with Dolph Zigger. 
Thoughts on working with him and whether WWE has ever treated him 


WWE began pushing you hard and having you beating everyone but then 
they did an angle where Big Show was angry at you, so you challenged 
him to a match. Show beat you up before the match and then you never 
got any revenge. That really killed your momentum, so did you ever 
question it? Did WWE ever give you any real explanation as to why they 
booked you that way?

Do you think the Funkasaurus character ever regained it’s steam after 
that angle?

Do you think helping John Cena in his cage match against Big Show at No 
Way Out redeemed the Funksaurus or it wasn’t enough?

How was John Cena to younger talents in the locker room during this 
era? He often says he wants people to pick up some of the slack so the 
pressure isn’t only on him but we also hear he plays politics – what 
were your experiences with him?

Memories of your short feud with David Otunga?

Thoughts on Damien Sandow and whether WWE uses him to the best of his 

You kicked off 2013 strong, tossing five guys out of the Royal Rumble. 
Memories of that match and how WWE puts such an intricate match 

Did you feel this was a signal that big things were on the horizon?

Do you feel WWE followed up strong enough with you?

What were your first thoughts upon meeting Albert/Tensai?

Where did the idea to put you guys together come from?

WWE did an angle where they had Tensai wrestle you while he was dressed 
in lingerie – when you or someone you are working with are booked to do 
something ridiculous, when you do you know to fight the battle to try 
and change it and when do you just grin and bear it?

Did you have any problem with being put in a tag team?

How was he to work with?

Did you travel with him on the road?

Favorite memories of him as a worker and a person?

Memories and thoughts on Tons of Fun matches with…
-Primo and Epico
-Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow),

How left down were you that your Wrestlemania 29 match was cut from the 

How close to your match were you informed?

When something like that happens, how do you not let it take the wind 
out of your sails?

They let you have the mixed tag match on Raw the next night at the IZOD 
Center, but is it really the same?

Thoughts on the crazy fans that seem to show up for the Raw after 

Where did the idea come from for you to be mad at Xavier Woods for 
dancing to your music with the Funkadactyls?

Thoughts on Woods’ potential in WWE?

When WWE decided to turn you on Tensai, did they give you any idea of 
what plans they had for you after the turn?

Memories of the angle at TLC where Tensai, Naomi and Cameron abandoned 
you for beating down R-Truth so much.

Did you think it was silly they scripted the others to get mad at you 
for trying to win a match and be aggressive?

Were you let down that they had you doing jobs so quickly after the 

Do you feel they missed a chance to finally give you a big heel push?

If it was up to you, how would you have liked to have been booked after 
the turn?

Discuss your own experiences working with WWE Creative and trying to 
get them back behind you after there’s been a loss of interest. How do 
you deal with them on a weekly basis? We’ve heard that if wrestlers 
push too much they get penalized but at the same time they are told to 
come up with ideas. What’s your insight.

Thoughts on WWE giving Xavier Woods your theme music?

Are you surprised Tensai left the ring to become an announcer?

Memories of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 

Describe the madness of Wrestlemania week and what it’s like when WWE 
takes over an entire city?

Your last WWE program was a short one in NXT against Adrian Neville – 
what did they tell you about the storyline – were you just going down 
there for a short time before you were going back up to the main roster 
or did you feel being back down there was a demotion?

How is the atmosphere working NXT at Full Sail Live?

Compare the NXT TV tapings to a Raw or Smackdown taping in terms of the 
pressure and how the boys are backstage?

Thoughts on Adrian Neville as a worker?

You did an angle where you knocked out his teeth backstage – what was 
the story behind that?

Did you have any trouble putting him over?

Were you surprised when you got the call you were being released?

Had they given you an idea of where and when you were going back up to 
TV before you were let go?

Were you let down your final match was on NXT?

What was your first thought when you hung up the phone?

Were there any of the other names that were released that day that 
really surprised you?

Do you think it’s fair for the company to make cutbacks on guys who are 
doing their job because they’ve caused the stock market to drop?

You’ve started to do some independents – what’s that world like now 
that you have some TV time and the WWE tenure to help build your name?

You talked to TMZ about wanting to go to Japan to protest dolphin 
hunting – what made you get behind that cause?

Was there anyone in WWE you wanted to work with but never got the 

Who do you most want to work with now that you are out on the 

Any interest in going to TNA?

How closely were the boys following the TNA product while they were on 
the road for WWE?

Did you ever get the impression WWE management considered them real 

Did you have any favorite venues or cities to work in?

What were your best and worst international touring memories?

In the old days, you’d hear about what a loose atmosphere it was to be 
on the road and to be with the boys with ribs and things like that – 
you don’t hear that as much about WWE these days. Was the road fun for 
the boys?

What was the best part and worst part of being a full time WWE talent?

Thoughts on HHH and Stephanie taking over WWE eventually?

Do you get the impression that Vince is out of touch with the audience 

What can WWE do to improve?

Do you think it was fair to launch the Network without WWE telling the 
boys what the new royalty payments will be like?

Would you want to go back to WWE one day?

Any final words for everyone watching?

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