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Fan Slam Convention Q & A Session Dec 2003 DVD

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Item Number: DVDSHOOT636
Q & A session from the December 6, 2003 Fan Slam Convention in Totowa, N.J. 

This unique four part set covers comments and answers from Ted DiBiase, "Dr. D" David Schultz, Virgil, Gary Michael Capetta, Chief Jay Strongbow and The Missing Link. 

The first part was a Q & A segment hosted by Greg Oliver (author of The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Canadians). Listen to "Dr. D" David Schultz comment on the John Stossel '20/20' segment where he hit Stossel in the ear. Schultz's discusses who knew he was going to do it, and he also comments on what Vince McMahon's first reaction was and how McMahon's reaction changed once the lawsuit by Stossel was filed. This video also contains Dr. D's shocking and controversial comments on Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon. He calls each man every name in the book and comments on how he would like revenge on Vince McMahon for the end of his career. 

Ted DiBiase speaks about why he would never allow his children to grow up to be wrestlers. DiBiase and Virgil then share stories of their run with the WWF. 

Missing Link opens up with comments about his drug use and how it ruined his career and life. Also see the Missing Link without his make-up. 

Gary Michael Capetta comments on his first meeting with a young Shane McMahon and what Shane told him the goal of running a good promotion is. 

The second part is an upclose interview with legendary wrestler "Chief" Jay Strongbow. Strongbow sat down one-on-one for this exclusive interview of his career. Listen to him talk about his first pay day. He talks about matches with legends like Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George, Freddie Blassie and more. He comments on what tag team partners he liked and disliked. He said who his true friends in the business were. Great stories of Andre the Giant, Gorilla Monsoon, Mr. T and more. 

The third segment is a short segment with Dewey Robertson. Robertson is the man behind The Missing Link. Robertson comments on why his stay with the WWF was so short in 1985. He talks about hearing the "Kiss of Death." 

The fourth segment features some of the wrestlers on this video in action. See rare and exciting matches from the men during their careers

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