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Eddie Gilbert Tribute Show 2/3/96 Cherry Hill, NJ DVD

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Item Number: DVDSHOOT708

1. Inferno Kid vs. Knuckles

2. Glen Osborne & Rock N Rebel vs. Harley Lewis & Blue Thunder

3. Tommy Gilbert vs. Dory Funk Jr. (Time limit draw, the whole arena gives a standing ovation)

4. Lost BOys vs. Greek Connections vs. Bad Attitude (3 way match)

5. Tommy Rich vs. Johnny Gunn (Jim Cornette manages Rich, wild brawl)

6. Eddie Gilber Ceremony, sad, all of the wrestlers surround the ring

7. Angel & Ricky Ratchette vs. ???

8. Tommy Cairo vs. Derek Domino (brawl)

9. Kid Flash vs. Ace Darling (great match)

10. Jerry Lawler vs. Doug Gilbert (Cornette, the mic work is funny)

11. Al Snow vs. Dan Severn (teacher vs. student) 

See stars from the past, present and future pay tribute to the memory of this wrestling legend

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