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ECW vs. FMW- World Wide Feud DVD

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Item Number: ECWDVD340

View one of the greatest feuds in professional wrestling not between two combatants, but between two companies. This feud is between ECW and Japan's FMW. Witness incredible dream matches that have spaned both sides of the globe.

1. Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka…ECW Arena

2. Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs. Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki…Dayton OH

3. Sandman vs. Terry Funk vs. Bubba Ray Dudley…Tokyo

4. Dudley Boys vs. Jado & Gedo…Osaka

5. Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer & Sandman vs. Gladiator ( Mike Awesome) & W*ING Kanemura & Mr. Gannosuke…Osaka

6. Funk & Sandman & Dreamer & Dudleys vs. Onita & Gladiator & Hido & Hosaka & Kuroda…Nagoya

7. Sabu vs. Sandman…Tokyo

8. Dudleys vs. Funk & Dreamer vs. Gladiator & Hido…Tokyo

9. Dudley Boys vs. Balls Mahoney & Masato Tanaka…New Orleans LA

10. Chris Chetti vs. Hisakatsu Oya vs. Koji Nakagawa…Yokohama

11. John Kronus & Ricky Fuji vs. Jado & Gedo…Yokohama

12. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Masato Tanaka…Yokohama

13. Masato Tanaka & Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Awesome & Justin Credible…ECW Arena

14. Kintaro Kanemura vs. Balls Mahoney…Yokohama

15. Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka…Nashville TN

16. Axl Rotten vs. Kintaro Kanemura…Tokyo

17. Masato Tanaka vs. Balls Mahoney…Tokyo

18. Balls & Axl & Crazy & Tajiri vs. Jado & Gedo & Kanemura & Nakagawa…Tokyo

19. Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka vs. Impact Players…Cincinnati OH

20. Jado & Gedo vs. Impact Players…ECW Arena
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