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Brickhouse Brown TV Season 1 2010 Shoot Interview DVD

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Item Number: DVDSHOOT369

Brickhouse TV Season One - The complete series is now available on DVD! We recommend that you do not have a drink in your hand when you watch this as you'll choke, spill, and probably throw it across the room you'll be laughing so hard!

Episode One
The shoot Interview sensation is back!!! Brickhouse Brown is here and has a new media forum that he can use to tell people what he thinks of them. Thankfully the Internet is uncensored because Brickhouse Brown is too raw and too real for normal view audiences. This the first of several episodes of Brickhouse TV and in this episode Brickhouse starts at top of the wrestling world the WWE. Brickhouse sets the records straight and tells everyone why sexual harassment from a former vice president of WWF is the reason why he never made it big in the WWF. You already missed the first two biggest events in your life, the birth of your mommy and your daddy. Dont miss the next biggest event, the debut episode of Brickhouse TV.

Episode Two
If you can take the heat stay out of the kitchen and dont go near Brickhouse Brown. A lot of people are still pissed at Brickhouse about what he said on the last episode of Brickhouse TV. But guess what? He does care. Another person who does care about the haters is Brickhouses old tag team partner, Iceman King Parsons. Brick calls up the Iceman to discuss why they never got the shot they deserved at top of the wrestling world. Also, find out why Brickhouse and Iceman TURNED DOWN the chance at being in WCW, that and more on this episode of Brickhouse TV.

Episode Three
Brickhouse TV isnt canceled yet for being too vulgar? Well, this maybe the episode that does it. In this episode Brickhouses memory lane takes him to the Portland, Oregon territory which was run by legendary promoter, Don Owen.  Although, Brickhouse spends more time talking about the drug scene in Portland than he does about the wrestling.  But dont worry you  will fall off your computer chair laughing when Brick recalls a story involving Playboy Buddy Rose and a drug dealer who needs medical attention. Also, Brickhouse Brown is not afraid of exposing racist in the world of pro wrestling and he is naming names.  From Col DeBeers to Ole Anderson, Brickhouse lets them know how he feels about them. So, check this episode out before The Man tries to shut Brickhouse TV down.

Episode Four
Now that Brickhouse has explain to everyone why the WWE never hired him its time to find out why TNA is scarred to hire Brickhouse Brown. Brick tells why certain employees of TNA are blocking him from getting a job. And some how Brickhouses mind wonders else where and he starts talk about his favorite subject, P*SSY.
Another subject that comes up in Bricks mind is his time working for Bill Watts and all the ridiculous fines he would hand out. Also, Brickhouse shares what he thinks was the the down fall of Bill Watts. Get ready for another raw and uncensored episode of Brickhouse TV.

Episode Five
Brickhouse is dedicating this one for all the ladies in the world of pro wrestling. Brick dishes all the dirty on Sunny, Missy Hyatt, Baby Doll, Lady Maxine, and Nancy Sullivan. Also, Brickhouse as a story on Sylvia, Robert Fullers wife, that will make your jaw drop. Checkout this episode of Brickhouse TV and find out why Brickhouse Brown is pro wrestlings version of Leon Phelps.

Episode Six
On the season one finale of Brickhouse TV, Brickhouse shares his thoughts on the wellness policy.  Brick talks about Jerry Jarretts version of the wellness policy in Memphis.  On this episode of Brickhouse TV you will hear a story about Adrian Adonis doing cocaine that was cut with baby laxative that will make you laugh until you go in your pants too. Also, Brickhouse takes a call from his good buddy, Reggie B. Fine, the original pimp of wrestling. So, checkout the season finale of Brickhouse TV.

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