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Classic Memphis Wrestling - Strangest Matches and Wildest Brawls DVD

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Price: $10.00
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Item Number: DVDMEMPHIS05

Corey Maclin presents Classic Memphis Wrestling! Relive some of the Strangest Matches and Wildest Brawls ever from Memphis!!!

  1. Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl: Blonde Bombers vs. Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee
  2. Judges Match: Buzz Sawyer vs. Lou Thesz
  3. Brawl: Fabulous Ones vs. The Moondogs
  4. Bunkhouse Match: Austin Idol vs. Stan Hansen
  5. Man & Midget Mixed Tag: Jimmy Hart & Billy the Kid vs. Roy Rodgers & Tiny Tom
  6. Jim Cornette & Jimmy Hart vs. Jerry Lawler
  7. Hector Guerrero vs. Jimmy Valiant (Ropes break in the middle of the match)
  8. Parking Lot Brawl: Eddie Gilbert vs. Jerry Lawler
  9. Texas Death Match: Big Red & Ricky Morton vs. Sonny King & Buddy Wayne
  10. 1st EVER Scaffold Match: Jerry Jarrett vs. Don Greene
  11. Manager vs. Midget: Downtown Bruno vs. Karate Kid
  12. Boxing Match: Tony Burton vs. Tojo Yamamoto
  13. Renegade Cyclone Stampede: PY Chu Hi, Mike Masters, Frankie Lancaster, Action Jackson, The Grappler, Humongous (Sid)
  14. Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl 2: Eddie Gilbert & Rick Morton vs. Masa Fuchi & Atsushi Onita
  15. Man & Woman Mixed Tag: Bill Dundee & Suzet Ferreirra vs. David Oswald & Wendi Richter
  16. Empty Arena Match: Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler
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