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Chris Candido Shoot Interview DVD

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Chris Candido Shoot Interview DVD Amazing, truthful, entertaining is what we can say about our 4 hour shoot interview with "No Gimmicks Needed" Chris Candido that was conducted 1/6/05. This interview shows the Rise and Fall of Chris Candido with nothing held back. We left no rock unturned in this shoot interview that talks about drugs, sex, and of course pro-wrestling. Before conducting this interview we let Chris know that we were going to ask him everything from the rumors of wrestlers sleeping with Tammy (HBK and Davey Boy Smith), his drug use with Tammy that has damaged their careers and all of the most controversial stories that go with it. NOBODY has ever been open as Chris was with his drug use. The interview starts off taking a look back into the early life of Chris as a child. We discuss how he started to watch wrestling as a kid through his grandfather. You will hear how he would learn how to wrestle by wrestling him in their home. Chris talks about the first time he ever met Balls Mahooney. We then discuss how Chris got started on his own with local indy promoters around the northeast. You will hear all about the training that he went through and what local promoters helped him. We talk about how he would set up rings back in the 80's for NWA and what wrestlers helped him learn his trade. After we discuss how he got hooked up with Larry Sharpe, Dennis Coraluzzo and meeting Tammy for the first time. We then talk about his first trip down to the Memphis territory and how he got to work with Tom Prichard, Bill Dundee and alot of the other top talent that was there at the time. Chris talks about tagging and meeting Sabu for the first time and there are a million road stories that are hilarious from this time period. You will hear how Sabu almost quit after he got his first pay check and why Candido had to walk around town with a bag over leatherface's head at all time. He talks about working with Eric Embry and all of the stuff he learned with him during his first match down there. We talk about his long car rides from all of the towns and what he learned on those rides. There are a ton of great stories that Chris tells from this time period as well. Chris than talks about how he got back into the indy scene around the NJ area when he came back until he met Eddie Gilbert and Jim Cornette. We talk about how he went down to SMW wrestling and what he learned from that territory. We talk all about his classic feuds with down there with Bobby Blaze, Tracey Smothers, Rock N' Roll Express and many more. We talk about how Tammy first broke into wrestling as a valet and some of the stuff they went through as a couple. Chris talks about how he got a call from the WWE to get into the company while working for Smokey Mountain Wrestling. You will hear why he hated it there from day one. This is where the interview starts to get very interesting as we talk about Tammy and his relationship. Chris brought up how he did not like his first gimmick in WWF and how it evolved over time. He talks about his tag partners from Louie Spicolli to Tom Prichard. Chris discusses how WWF really wanted Tammy even if he was there or not. He then talked about other problems he had in the WWF with Shawn Michaels and how HBK said he slept with Tammy. We ask him point out if he thinks she slept with any of the guys behind his back. We asked Chris all about the stories about Tammy and Bulldog and many more. Chris addresses all of these rumors. There is so much said that I do not want to ruin it here so you have to get this interview. We talk also about how he went over to FMW with Sabu. He talks about how Sabu got all of his scars and what he saw Sabu do to himself to get them. It is a crazy story and you must hear it. We talk about his tour of ALL Japan and how Stan Hanson almost killed him for a rib. What happened after his match with Jushin Liger? There is so much WWF stories and what he went through with the office while he was there. How he got along with the other workers in the WWF. Why was he a hot head and he talks about how he would be a heat seeker. He talks about quitting the WWF to enter ECW. What were his early impressions of ECW? He talks about all of his marque matches with Spike, Mikey and of course the Triple Threat. We talk all about how Tammy stayed in the WWF and what she was going through. Chris talks all about his relationship with Paul Heyman and how he also helped out backstage with other duties. Being around ECW for the entire time we knew exactly what to ask Chris. You will hear so many ECW inside scoops for the very first time. Chris was not scared at all to speak his mind and tell you what everyone was really like in ECW. During the ECW time period we brought up his drug use. This is where the shoot interview had us sitting on the edge of our seats. We had alot to ask Chris about his demons. He talked about how he was first ever introduced to drugs with Tammy. Who gave it to him for the first time? He talks about why he took the drugs and what he and Tammy liked to do. When he left WWF and was in ECW he talks about how his problems stayed with him and Tammy. We talk about how he did Somas and how he dealt with all of his friends dying from the same drugs that he was doing. Why was Tammy doing drugs that the boys were taking? He talks about who he did drugs with and some of the people that he got them from. There are alot of crazy drug stories that we talk about as there are just so many of them. We talk about how he had his falling out with Paul Heyman. One of the greatest stories is how Paul owed him a ton of money on his credit card and how Chris was getting so mad at him that he went with his Dad and Tammy to confront Paul in the studio at 4AM. When they got there they kicked down the door and confronted Paul. This was around the time Chris was heading to WCW. He talks about how Paul sat them down and turned everything around and Chris drove home thinking what the hell just happened. This is a great story. He talks about what he thought about Paul letting Tammy do that shoot interview on TNN about her problems and if he thought it came off good. We talk about how he did GHB in the locker room and how Tammy drank it one night in Philly and what happened in that incident. If your a ECW fan this interview is a must. You will hear how he went into WCW and what problems he ran into there. What happened backstage with Tammy and DDP and Kimberly? Chris talks about what it was like to work in WCW. There are alot of stories on how unhappy he was there and why it did not last there. He talks about how drugs stayed with him when he went into WCW and what problems it led to. Did you know that Tammy almost died one time and was on her death bed? Did you know that Chris was about a day away from having a heart attack? He talks about what he did after WCW. How they ended up in Puerto Rico and how he said if they stayed there any longer they would both be dead like Eddie Gilbert. There are so many scary insane drug stories. We talk about his return to the indy scene. What made him clean up his act and what is he up to now. We talked about XPW, MLW and all the other crazy stories that followed their career. This is one interview that you will not want to pass up. Chris just takes our questions and goes on and on. I loved this interview to death as it was one of our top 10 interviews of all time. You will watch this one over and over again. That was just a brief summary of what we talked about. I left alot of details out so you need to check this out today!!!! Here are some other topics that we talked about and remember there was alot of stuff I did not write down in this review that we talk about that is shocking!!!!!!! These are just some of the more controversial questions that we talked about with Chris: Describe the last 3 years for the both of you personally and professionally At any point did either you start to hate the business When was the first time you ever tried drugs Is it true that Nicole Bass's husband was the first to bring heavy drugs around the ECW locker room How out of control was the drug scene in ECW Do you think the 2 of you were scapegoated by Paul E How do you think your lives would be different today if you never got hooked on drugs back in ECW What were your drugs of choice What was it that made the drugs so appealing to you Did any veterans ever pull you aside and warn you What was the drug scene like in the WWE What were your thoughts (both) before, and after Paul E did the piece about the 2 of you in ECW on TNN When did drugs start to affect the both of you in the ring Did anyone ever refuse to work with either of you because you were out of it Do you think the Internet has blown your addictions out of proportion There is a story about you passing out several times at the ECW Arena backstage, does it anger you that they got out to the fans. One show on October 23 is reported as a specific. Did either of you feel that the other was making your addiction worse and did the two of you ever seperate as a result of it Were you 2 surprised when ECW folded How involved were the 2 of you with day to day operations in ECW When did you first start to see the signs How did that affect your friendships with Paul E Did it bother you that immediately after ECW closed Paul had a cushy WWE job while the two of you and your friends were drowning in debt What happened in WCW that ended your tenures there Is it true that Tammy was passed out in the bathroom after injecting Nubane How clean were you in WCW and how bad was the drug scene there When you came to WCW, how did the 2 of you make amends with Nash and Hall The both of you have talked extensively in interview about what Terry Funk means to you. Did he ever talk to you 2 about your drug addictions and offer any mentoring? What happened to the push that you and Rhyno were getting? Can you trust Paul Heyman? Do you think there is a double standard in wrestling in that promoters specificially in ECW Paul expected you to lay your body out but at the same time they expect you to stay free of pain killers? Do you regret the Vixxens project What happened that made Chris angry during the photo shoot that you began breaking equipment Is it true that the cops were looking for you for a hit and run Did you use when you were on tour with New Japan Was it difficult to tour with Scott Hall since he had his own addictions Thoughts on working with Liger When and how did the drugs begin to affect your lives financially Did you lose your house How difficult is it to make a living in pro wrestling today. Did the 2 of you ever take outside work to make ends meet Do you think anyone took unneccessary shots at either of you during your low period in interviews, the net, or anywhere What do you think of newsletters Did Jim Cornette mentor you two through the last few years What happened between the 2 of you and Court Bauer in NY over a wrestling ring Is it true you were asked to leave the Ft Lauderdale MLW show What happened at the hotel in Florida during the last MLW weekend (you may mention the story is that Corino and Sabu were eating together and a hotel employee told Corino his friend was passed out naked in the lobby and Corino thought a rat had drugged CW) what happened in Puerto Rico Have the two of you ever woke up in a place and have no idea who you are with and how you got there? How do you young wrestlers treat the 2 of you today What are your thoughts when you hear about Tammy cheating on you and same to Tammy on Chris What is it about the other one that has kept him and her in your life Did you ever hate each other when was the point that both of you knew you had to kick the drugs for good How did you do it Can you kick drugs cold turkey Did the two of you ever think you had addictive personalities before the drugs Why do you still keep wrestling, what is it about the business that you love so much What exactly happened at the LWE show in Texas with Sandman It was reported that the you passed out in the ring during the match WWE are planning an ECW PPV for June. Do you think either of you will be asked to be a part of it. Have you seen the DVD and thoughts What are your thoughts on Missy Hyatt Do you think a lot of promoters and other workers took advantage of you two during your worst periods and if so, who When Raw did their anniversary show and Tammy was nominated for an award, were you ever contacted about coming out there Do the 2 of you still receive royalty checks from WWE Do you guys still follow the business Thoughts on Sabu and his recent body breakdown Have the 2 of you been contacted by TNA at all Thoughts on Rob Black and XPW What is it like to work a Wrestlemania What do you think about the state of the independents over the last few years Do you think wrestling psychology has been lost on the newer talent coming up in the indys How do you think the 2 of you would fit into the WWE today Talk about going back to work for Cornette recently at OVW Any future plans to go back What do you say to a promoter who may be gun shy about booking the 2 of you What are some of the best matches you have had on the indys the last few years and some of the worst Could either of you still be a draw today in the business What do you say to your critics that say the two of you are washed up Did either of you ever feel responsible for the other's addiction The two of you are very strong promos, does it bother you when indy guys cant do a promo to save their life today Do you see the business turning around at all Who has been the most influential in your careers either in a good or bad way Who do you two consider your closest friends in the business Are you surprised at Ric Flair's longevity or do you think its time for him to step aside Does jobbing to young guys on the indys bother you In June you were rumored to be scheduled for a dark match at Smackdown against Funaki that never happened. Any truth to that and if so, what happened There is a rumor that Paul E screwed around with you guys when you negotiated with WCW over contracts What was the story behind the EBAY auction to hang out with Tammy What happened at an indy show between Tammy and Low Ki Do you think your addictions are any different than the heavy drinking among the old timers back in the old days Does it bother you when you meet kids on the indys who have no idea nor care about the wrestling past What are both of your earliest memories of being a fan Running Time: 4 hours
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