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Best of Raven in ECW Vol. 2- Second Coming DVD

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Price: $10.00
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Item Number: ECWDVD725
This is one of the most requested tapes in the history of RF Video. It's the follow-up to tape 2328 Best of Raven. This tape features classic matches with the Sandman, Shane Douglas, Terry Funk & more. This tape features incredible promos along with rare matches in the classic career of The Raven in ECW. This tape is a must for any ECW fan and dream for all those Raven fanatics. 

Raven vs Tommy Dreamer 

Raven vs Sandman…first ever meeting 

Raven vs Shane Douglas 

Raven vs Damian 

Raven promo 

Raven & Shane Douglas vs Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer…WILD 

Raven-Funk dressing room confrontation 

Raven vs Terry Funk vs Sandman vs Steve Richards 
Still photos and clips of Raven-Sandman barbed wire match 

Raven promo talking about rehab and addiction 

Raven vs Terry Funk….Syracuse, NY 

Raven vs Steve Richards…Scranton, PA 

Raven vs Sandman…Downingtown, PA 

Raven vs Sandman…Allentown, PA (Dog collar match) 

Raven promo (clip of Raven attacking Sandman)
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