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Best of ECW Volume 1 DVD

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Item Number: ECWDVD297

1. 911 vs. 2 scrubs

2. Sabu vs. Tazmaniac

3. Breakup of Douglas and Paul e.

4. Douglas vs. Sabu (ECW title)

5. Sabu vs. Terry Funk (ECW title)

6. Funk vs. Douglas (ECW)

7. Sandman & Cairo vs. Pitbull & Rebel (Dog Collar match)

8. Bruise Brothers vs. Public Enemy

9. Mike Awesome vs. JT Smith

10. Funk vs. Sabu vs. Douglas (ECW title, Triagle match)

11. Douglas and Funk brawl at press conference

12. Douglas and Sabu brawl

13. Sullivan & Taz vs. Young Dragons (Enemy & Bruises get involved)

14. Sabu vs. Pat Tanaka (ECW TV titles)

15. Sabu & 911 vs. Bad Breed

16. Sullivan & Taz vs. Bruises (ECW tag titles)

17. Hawk vs. Pitbull (wild ending)

18. Bruises vs. Enemy (Falls Count Anywhere)

19. Clip of Enemy attacking Bruises

20. Bruises interview

21. Enemy interview

22. Sabu vs. Awesome (ECW TV title)

23. Sullivan & Taz vs. Enemy (ECW tag titles, No DQ)
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