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AJ Styles Shoot Interview DVD

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Item Number: DVDSHOOT639
AJ Styles talks about getting into the business, NWA Wildside, WCW, why he didn't go to WWE, NWA TNA, & much more. This intervew was not conducted by RF Video. Here is a list of topics discussed: 

-How he first got interested in wrestling 
-Promotions he watched growing up 
-Wrestlers that influenced him to be a pro wrestler 
-Where he trained at and who trained him 
-What the training was like 
-Who his first match was with and how it went 
-Memories of the match with Sabu for NWA Wildside title 
-Working with Christopher Daniels at NWA 52nd Anniversary show 
-Wrestling in the Super 8 tournament & talks about his matches against Xavier, Red, & Donovan Morgan 
-First impression of Jim Kettner 
-What it was like having WCW developmental deal 
-If there was heat with Billy Kidman for using the Shooting Star Press 
-Which wrestlers in WCW were helpful 
-Going to Les Thatcher's HWA camp 
-Getting contacted to work for NWA TNA 
-Memories working X divison title matches 
-Favorite X title match -Winning the tag titles with Jerry Lynn 
-Going to Zero-One 
-Was it different working Low Ki in Japan, opposed to the US 
-Turning down a WWF developmental contract 
-Who contacted him for the developmental contract 
-Having his first match with Jerry Lynn in NWA:TNA 
-First impression of Rob Feinstein & Gabe Sapolsky 
-Memories of first match with Low Ki 
-Working Jerry Lynn 
-Defending X title against Adam Jacobs and David Young 
-First title shot against Low Ki at "Honor Invades Boston" 
-Match against American Dragon at "All Star Extravaganza" 
-Who is a stiffer worker between American Dragon and Low Ki 
-#1 Contenders trophy match against Chris Daniels at "Scramble Madness" 
-Title match against Xavier at "Night Of The Butcher" 
-Teaming with Low Ki against The Prophecy 
-Thoughts of the 3 way at "One Year Anniversary" in Queens, NY. 
-Feelings of the riot at that show 
-Being tag team champions with The Amazing Red 
-Match with Paul London at "Night of the Grudges" 
-Defending NWA World Title against Chris Sabin at "WrestleRave'03" 
-Working with Red against Briscoes at "Death Before Dishonor" 
-How the locker room and crowd reacted to Jeff Hardy 
-Teaming with Homicide vs. Chris Daniels & Dan Maff at "Wrath of the Racket" 
-Thoughts of Homicide as a wrestler 
-Indys compared to WWE 
-How it feels to be NWA World Champion 
-Feelings of the Jarretts and the future of NWA TNA 
-Feuding with D-Lo Brown in TNA 
-Name association with the following names: Paul London; Spanky; Amazing Red; Backseat Boyz; Raven; Samoa Joe; Dan Maff; CM Punk; Tom Carter; Vince Russo; Low Ki; Jeff Jarrett; Jerry Jarrett; Bill Behrens; Chris Sabin; Mike Quackenbush; Kid Kash; Trinity; Tracy Brooks; Lollipop; Desiree; Simply Luscious; Rowdy Roddy Piper; Sonny Siaki; David Young; SAT..
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